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Alex Stanczyk

Alex Stanczyk

Mr. Alex Stanczyk manages institutional and family office relationships for AFE Custodial Company, which provides logistics support for direct physical investment in gold and silver bullion.

Mr. Stanczyk writes and lectures globally on the topics of geopolitics, global economics, and the significance of gold as money in the economic system today from a private bullion custodian perspective. He consults at the institutional level in the specialist field of gold acquisition and storage for regulated funds, and with advisors of heads of state. Mr. Stanczyk is the Editor of Anglo Far-East’s Global Insider. He has served as the CEO of a publicly traded US Company and currently serves as a Director on the boards of several private companies.

About AFE Custodial Company – AFE Custodial Company (AFECC) is part of the Anglo Far-East group of companies which has been for over 20 years providing high-level bullion logistics to institutions, funds and trusts in the market of good delivery allocated gold and silver bullion. AFECC handles the full range of acquisition, storage and liquidation of good delivery metal on behalf of its clients. www.afecustodial.com

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